Regogo Records has hosted a variety of artists from diverse musical backgrounds.  Spanning pop, folk, prog rock, Brazilian jazz, neo-classical, world music, post-hardcore rock and others, we have planned, recorded, mixed and produced projects ranging from demos, pre-production tracks and finished albums to live showcases, post-concert multimedia and radio spots.

Meet some of our artists:

Black Valley
Briefcase Blues
Buddy Whittington Band
Cartoon Character Assassins
DC and The Capitals
Double 7 Band
Dylan Bishop Band
Hans York
Hindenburg Project
Jen Hajj
Jay Gewertz & Friends
Robert Aberg
Tommy DeSalvo
Emerald Khan

Jiah Kyun
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat
Rachel LaViola
Frank Obregon
Gary Petty
Rahim Quazi
Elise Stover
Robin Willis
Mark Landson, Open Classical
Monkey Blood
Johnny Reno
Roller/Roller Trio
Ruin Illusion
Texas Flood
To Ancient Times
Vertical Leap

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