Our studio team works side by side with clients to deliver a great experience and the best production possible.  We also offer access to a network of talented composers, arrangers and session musicians.

George Mahn III
Audio engineer, studio artist, composer and producer with tracks broadcast on domestic and international terrestrial radio stations, SiriusXM satellite and internet channels since 2002. Visit Gentry Avenue for more about George’s original repertoire with Vertical Leap as well as Music Services and Audio Production for film and music projects.

Chris Pohl
As a producer, Chris handles much of the behind-the-scenes business, including battling the forces of evil and those whom obstruct the fun that the team so enjoys. Having made his bones in 2012, Chris was promoted to Consigliere and maintains that position today.

Paul Rego
Owner of Regogo Records, Regogo Racing and Sports Car World, philanthropist and aficionado of music, auto racing and life.

G3 Studio Profile
CP in the studio
Paul Rego
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